2013-14 Citizen Scholar Award Recipients

Living the public affairs mission

The six students selected for the 2013 Citizen Scholar Award were chosen based on their dedication to the public affairs mission of the university through coursework, activities and service-learning opportunities.

2013-14 Citizen Scholars

The 2013-14 Citizen Scholars

Nii Kpakpo Ekow Abrahams

A senior communication major from Joplin, Mo., Nii was nominated by Joseph Morris, who said of his leadership skills: “Nii is particularly passionate about broadening his understanding of ethical leadership through his scholarship and practical application."

Mariah Gregg

Mariah, a senior philosophy major from Thayer, Mo., plans to attend graduate school after graduation. Nominator Dennis Lancaster said of Mariah: “She is humble and open-minded, focused, and driven. I know without a doubt that Mariah’s enthusiasm, work ethic, discipline, and intellectual capabilities will take her far from our campus and, I believe, our world in general will be the better for it.”

Jared Horman

A senior graphic design major from Camdenton, Jared plans to work as a graphic designer who focuses on socially aware visual communication. Nominator Tara Benson described Jared's commitment to others: “I have witnessed his exceptional commitment in the areas of co-curricular involvement and leadership. I cannot speak highly enough of the class, maturity and grace demonstrated by Jared. He truly turns a situation around to help others and put that above his needs.”

Kristin Keilty

Graduate student Kristin Keilty of Rich Fountain, Mo., was nominated by Dr. Ronald Coulter, who said of her character: “Kris has incredible abilities and talent, and she willingly uses her classroom experience to help others. She is very pleasant and humble, yet extremely positive, dedicated and successful in everything she does.”

Walter Orr

A senior professional writing major from Kansas City, Walter plans on attending graduate school to pursue his Master of Public Health degree and his dream of working in health communication. Nominator Patrick Grayshaw said of Walter: “Walter has been a steady contributor to the growth and development of the Center for Leadership & Volunteerism, is one who has the passion and dedication to the community, and puts other first in daily interactions.”

Paige Oxendine

A senior public relations and socio-political communication major from Neosho, Mo., Paige was nominated by Dr. Gloria Galanes, who said: “She is the embodiment of what I think of as a 'citizen scholar.' Her life here at the university has not been just about doing a great job academically—it has been about using her abilities and talents to improve the quality of life for students at the university.”