2013 DOSA Awards


The Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) gathered together on August 29, 2013 for the Divisional Meeting and the presentation of the 2013 DOSA Awards.

Congratulations to all our 2013 Winners!

Promotion of Cultural Awareness

Autism Awareness Week

Julie Licis, Shanna Heckmaster, Shayna Arndt, Addyson Christofferson, Joshua Jones, Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Promotion of Community Engagement

St. Baldricks Program

Carrie Casper and Amanda Cashman

Promotion of Ethical Leadership

Dining Services Project D.I.G

Tony Hein, Giorgio Cossich, Nicole Young, Julie Licis, Vito Palmietto

Innovation by a Team

Office of Student Financial Aid

Vicki Mattocks, Chelsey Clark, Jacklynn Lewis, Karen Ash, Kelly Evens

Denise Baumann, Devin Schehrer, Travis Schullia, Carrie Caser, Sarah Perry

Renecca Ward, Patty Claussen, Robert Moore, Melissa Osten, Linda Nichols

Carol Stevens, B. J. Miller, Karen Scott, Elaina Childs, Sue Derby

Ellen Kinter, Carolyn Price, Charleve Curton, Elaine Brinklow, Joyce Seale

Sheryl Brikes, Rhonda Breshears, and Bethany Davis

Outstanding New Program

Project Dig

Denise Bauman, Devin Schehrer, Travis Schilla, Carrie Casper, Sarah Perry

Outstanding Non-Exempt Staff Member

Kimberly Lucas

Outstanding Exempt Staff Member

Katie Young

Outstanding New Staff Member

Justin Johns

Outstanding Graduate Assistant

Zachery Holder

Vice President Special Recognition Award

Don Simpson