Student Affairs Guidelines for Conference Travel

Guidelines for Professional Conference Travel

Student Affairs

Updated: February 23, 2016

Directors, Registrar, and AVPs: One national conference a year and possibly others depending on current priorities/issues. (For example, the AVP for Enrollment Management and Services might go to AACRAO and also the AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management Conference.) Also one regional conference.

Associate/Assistant Directors, Coordinators, Department Managers: One regional or state conference a year and possibly others, depending on current priorities/issues. Also possibly one national conference, though the opportunity for national conferences may be rotated among staff depending on location/cost/need.

All of the above: Conferences or workshops specific to their units/responsibilities. In this case, on occasion an employee may need to attend more than one national conference. (For example, Veterans Administration conference regarding new VA regulations, Ellucian conference regarding new system features.)

Professional Staff below the Associate/Assistant/Coordinator Level (e.g., admission counselors, financial aid counselors, hall directors): One state or regional conference.

Administrative Staff: Generally local or campus‐based professional development, or in some cases out of town but within driving distances. (For example, staff in Admissions and the Office of the Registrar are given the opportunity to attend the MACRAO “Drive In” workshop offered annually by that organization specifically for staff at this level.)

Graduate Assistants: One regional or state conference a year and possibly others, depending on current priorities/issues. Also, attendance at a national conference (e.g., NASPA) if the GA is selected as a presenter.

Other Notes:

  • International travel requires the traveler to complete the Travel Advance and/or Foreign Authorization Form so that equipment and security regarding the destination country can be assessed. This form is located on the University’s eForms website.
  • For non‐exempt employee travel, please refer to the Department of Labor fact sheet and MSU travel regulations . Generally, for all of the above, the office budget would cover the cost of conference registration, travel, lodging, and meals.
  • When possible, arrange to share a room with someone to cut costs.

The above information is a set of guidelines, not a formal policy. Professional judgment regarding flexibility and exceptions to these guidelines is expected.