About Us


"Missouri State University's Division of Student Affairs' mission is to support student success, foster student engagement, inspire commitment to public affairs, and instill pride and tradition."

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to supporting the Missouri State University community in its efforts to develop educated people. The Division consists of multiple support services, including departments dedicated to residence life, student conduct, campus recreation, multicultural programs and services, counseling services, student engagement, student health, orientation, the bookstore and career services.

Student Affairs staff members are dedicated to the development of an integrated learning community which celebrates diversity. Staff members will strive to assess the needs of students, parents, and University community members, and will provide the necessary resources to facilitate student involvement and participation. The Division of Student Affairs also operates through its vision and values found below.


Our vision for Missouri State University's Student Affairs is for all divisional members to be champions for student success.


Our five core values provide guidance for how we treat each other and those we serve, help inform decision-making, and represent what we revere as we work to achieve our mission and vision.

  • Connectedness — We foster positive interpersonal relationships, collaborate with others, and work together to better serve students.
  • Diversity — We strive for an inclusive campus where all are valued and treated with civility and respect. We celebrate the understanding and appreciation of our similarities and differences with a welcoming and embracing attitude.
  • Integrity — We approach our work with professionalism and ethical standards, seek to provide quality service, apply best practices, and promote a culture of excellence and accountability for student success.
  • Lifelong Learning — We model and inspire a commitment to lifelong learning with the students we serve. We are holistic in our approach with students, interested not only in their academic success, but also their personal development.
  • Passion — We believe a vibrant passion for serving students is critical for both student and divisional success.
The Division of Student Affairs supports the idea of shared governance through its philosophy and support of various leadership teams. Staff are encouraged to actively participate in one or more of these smaller workgroups in order to help strengthen collaboration and cooperation.
Missouri State University’s regional accrediting body is the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (HLC). Missouri State University has successfully maintained continuous regional accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (HLC) since 1915.
The public affairs mission defines a primary way in which an education from Missouri State is different from that of other universities and one way by which we educate our students to imagine the future.