2017 DOSA Award Winners

2017 DOSA award recipients

On Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 the Division of Student Affairs held its annual All-Staff Meeting. This meeting allowed divisional staff members the opportunity to socialize with colleagues across departments, learn about the new initiatives occurring within the division, and celebrate the success of peers. A signature event at the meeting was the announcing of the Annual DOSA Awards. These unique awards recognize students and staff from within the Division of Student Affairs for exemplary performance during the previous academic year.

Promotion of Public Affairs Award

This award is presented to an individual or team for promoting an appreciation, understanding, or celebration of the Public Affairs Mission through the delivery of a program and/or through personal actions focused on the three pillars that created a positive impact on our campus.

Winning promotion: My Story My Statement Poster Campaign

This promotion was crafted by the Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services Diversity Committee. Committee members include: Devin Schehrer, Angie Strider, Travis Schilla, Charles Liddell, Tyree Williams, Courtney Brewer, Millicent Bean, Hope Detherow, Cody Garcia-Pusateri, Jessica Nandi and Howard Dressler.

The My Story, My Statement poster campaign is made up of individual posters, embracing the new University branding, featuring members of the Missouri State University community.  The shared stories and statements highlight a variety of identities, experiences, values, beliefs, and aspirations held by members of our community. The individual posters were then displayed together to create a gallery effect. The Diversity Committee hosted a gallery opening in January 2017 and then the gallery became a traveling exhibit.

Devin Schehrer noted “The gifts we were given by these Missouri State University community members… (were) incredible. There were so many stories and statements that had positive and community focused messages declaring their Missouri STATEments. It was always a joy to see individuals … taking the time to read each and every story and statement. These members of our MSU community expressed a positive impact, an appreciation for differences, and celebration of their identities and their stories...”

Innovation by a Team

This award recognizes the combined cooperative efforts of a team to develop and/or deliver an innovative response to student needs.

Winning response: CNAS STEM Career Exploration Expo

The CNAS STEM Career Exploration Expo was developed by Dr. Tammy Jahnke, Garry Stafford and the staff in the Career Center, and Alisa Garbisch and the staff of Residence Life!

The 2016 CNAS STEM Career Exploration Expo was a team effort that included the College of Natural and Applied Science, Residence Life-Living and Learning Communities and The Career Center. Because of this partnership, students learn about themselves, make long-term career decisions, and connect with employer representatives.

Tammy James from City Utilities said: “I think what I liked best about the CNAS STEM Career Exploration Expo is the personal interaction with the students.  It is a smaller group of candidates and you can learn more about them in a more intimate setting.  Also, it is students that are truly interested in your company or learning more about the opportunities…The only thing I would like to see different about the CNAS STEM Career Exploration Expo is that we should have it more often.”

Outstanding New Program or Initiative Award

This award recognizes a new program to meet specific outcome(s) in accordance with our Public Affairs Mission. 

Winning initiative: Chosen Name

Project coordinators included Rob Hornberger, Amie Squibb, Natalie Seever, Theresa McCoy, Brian Edmond and Jill Patterson congratulations! 

Amie Squibb stated in the nomination “What’s wrong with calling someone by the name they want to be called?” That simple statement was the impetus behind the “chosen name” project that allows students and employees to use a name, other than their legal name, on campus.  This project fits squarely within our Public Affairs Mission by directly supporting the pillar of cultural competence.

Student Affairs Bridge Builder

This award is given by the Bridge Building committee to someone who has demonstrated support for the division of SA through collaboration in the development of programs or services.

Recipient: Dr. Carol Shoptaugh

Dr. Shoptaugh is a faculty member in the Psychology Department and holds the position of Student Ombudsman for the University. Ashleigh Lewellen shared in her nomination “Dr. Shoptaugh has not only met this criterion but has but has transitioned a one-time class project into a true Student Affairs partnership. Throughout this time, she has provided Campus Recreation with invaluable information that has helped our team focus on staff development, training, and safety.” ”Dr. Shoptaugh directed our first major training project that included the development of a training manual for every piece of fitness equipment in the facility. This document provides visual examples of over 200 pieces of equipment, how each piece is operated, and the benefits of using that equipment. … Most recently, the IO program spent the last semester conducting a full risk assessment of our operation.”

Outstanding Advocate for Social Justice and Inclusion Award

This award is given to the staff member who actively seeks opportunities to increase knowledge of social justice and inclusion. Someone who incorporates this knowledge into their practice, brings awareness and/or takes action to remove barriers to social justice and inclusion within and/or outside of MSU.

Recipient: Laura Backer

Kate Rosseler stated “Through her work, Laura is able to seamlessly integrate components of social justice into everything that she does. An increase in international and underrepresented students in leadership programs or the presence of our NPHC plots do not alone display her pledge to social justice and inclusion, but her relationships with the students speak volumes.”

Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award

This award recognizes a graduate assistant who has completed at least one semester of graduate work and demonstrated superior job performance.

Recipient: Britt Spears

This year’s winning nominee is Britt Spears in The Office of Student Engagement. Victoria Culver shared “The two things that stand out the most about this candidate are her drive and compassion. …She has found ways to get involved with campus outside of her assistantship and coursework, including founding Missouri State’s chapter of the National Black Graduate Student Association. I frequently see her in the student union counseling students and providing a listening ear. Britt has mastered the balance of challenge and support when working with students and is not afraid to push students to do better.”

Outstanding New Staff Member Award

This award is presented to an exempt or non-exempt staff member employed within the Division of Student Affairs for less than three years who has demonstrated superior job performance.

Recipients: Amie Squibb and Katrina Chavez

Amie is the Enrollment Services Systems Coordinator. Don Simpson wrote “When we hired Amie, she said she wanted a position that would allow her to make a difference for the University and its students while applying her technical skills and felt that Student Affairs would be a good fit. She was right. She has responded to the opportunities this position has given her in superior fashion and I am confident she will continue to do so. Rob Hornberger, Julie Masterson, Jill Patterson and Brian Edmond offered additional letters of support for this nomination.

Katrina Chavez is a coordinator in the Office of the Registrar. Rob Hornberger stated in his nomination “Katrina is known as a very effective in her work, and a knowledgeable, and reliable worker…. And perhaps her great strength at work is her professional maturity. She adds an element of calmness and sets a positive tone for the office. Even more remarkable than Katrina’s strong work ethic…This friendly, relaxed, and caring personality overflows to her relationships with other employees and services to students.

Outstanding Part-time Staff Member Award

This award recognizes the many contributions provided by a part-time member of the SA team.

Recipient: Donna Rebmann

Bart Tibbs stated, “Donna is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her desire to provide great customer service. She provides hands-on assistance to OTC students to help them understand degree requirements, transfer scholarships, how classes transfer to MSU and even the application process. That paired with her institutional knowledge of both MSU and OTC makes a great combination for helping create a successful transfer experience.

Outstanding Non-Exempt Staff Member Award

This award recognizes a non-exempt staff member employed within the Division of Student Affairs for three or more years who has demonstrated superior job performance above and beyond expectations.

Recipient: Jim Huelskamp

Angie Strider wrote “Jim was intentionally assigned to Freddy residence hall, after we had some turnover in staff. The first week Jim was assigned, he immediately reached out to ROTC, the custodial staff, and the hall staff to begin building relationships. His efforts paid off right away. He was able to take care of some maintenance issues for ROTC, which built goodwill with that area. Jim also talked with the custodial staff and heard some of their concerns and ideas. … “Also, Jim serves as an Assistant Coach for the Swimming and Diving Team in his spare time. He was even featured in The Standard this past year for being more than just a coach, but also a staff member on campus… The students on the swimming and diving team have been impacted by his service to the university in his other role. We even have a student who will be attending the Olympics in Rio, and I can’t help but to think that [Jim] played a role in his success.”  

Outstanding Exempt Staff Member Award

This award recognizes an exempt staff member employed within the Division of Student Affairs for three or more years who has demonstrated superior job performance above and beyond expectations.

Nominee: Donald Clark

Teresa Frederick wrote “Donald has served in a number of roles in a number of different buildings through the years.  Regardless of where Donald is found, the students and staff in that area sing his praises. Donald takes great pride in his work and it shows. The level of cleanliness in his areas is something we should all strive to achieve.

Friend of Student Affairs Award

This award goes to the Coca-Cola Company for their partnership with the university, specifically Shelly Swopes, the Ozarks Coca-Cola representative with MSU.  Coca-Cola has gone above and beyond our expectations in providing volunteer hours and providing donations for many Student Affairs special events throughout the year. Events that benefitted from their generosity includes the “Hug Me Vendor” an integral part of the convenience stores opening weekend, Homecoming activities such as mechanical bull rides, information booths with prizes and free product give-a-ways, arranging for the Coke Polar Bear to be a part of campus activities (including a dance off with Boomer), and creating a series of bobble heads of Boomer and President Smart.  This year Shelly arranged to have 50 bicycles to be given away as various event. And the list goes on.

VP Staff Special Recognition Award

This recognition is provided at the direction of the VP Staff, not through the official DOSA Awards process. Each year, the Student Affairs Leadership Team, known as VP STAFF, has the privilege of recognizing someone who has gone above and beyond.

Recipient: Dr. Kelly Rapp

Kelly started with the Career Center as Associate Director for Operations and Assessment in June 2016. The primary responsibility for that position was to implement a system for collection of data on the first destination placement of our graduates. Two months after she was hired, the then director (Jill Wiggins) left the University to take another position. Thus, with less than three months of experience in Career Services, Kelly was thrust into the Interim Director role…a position in which she has remained, given that it was decided to freeze the opening for the director position due to the budget situation. With help from a great staff, Kelly has done a remarkable job and I am happy to be able to take this opportunity to recognize and thank her. Congratulations Kelly!