2018 DOSA Awards

On Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 the Division of Student Affairs held its annual All-Staff Meeting. This meeting allowed divisional staff members the opportunity to socialize with colleagues across departments, learn about the new initiatives occurring within the division, and celebrate the success of peers. A signature event at the meeting was the announcing of the Annual DOSA Awards. These unique awards recognize students and staff from within the Division of Student Affairs for exemplary performance during the previous academic year.

Promotion of Public Affairs Award

This award is presented to an individual or team for promoting an appreciation, understanding, or celebration of the Public Affairs Mission through the delivery of a program and/or through personal actions focused on the three pillars that created a positive impact on our campus.

This year’s winner is The Dungy Leadership Institute and the Dungy Leadership Institute Planning Team.  The planning team was lead by Dr. Michele Smith (seen in photo)

The Dungy Leadership Institute (DLI) promotes Public Affairs by developing ethical leadership and enhancing cultural competencies. DLI is hosted annually at two institutions across the country. NASPA selected MSU to be one of those hosts. The institute helps students continue to grow and develop, and helps students propel towards an enriched career in Student Affairs.  In addition to being an amazing experience for the participants, the staff team that coordinated the institute here at MSU benefitted from the experience as well.

The nominator noted “The institute provides an in-depth leadership development experience and prepares Fellows for graduate work in student affairs/higher education.” Congratulations to the DLI planning Team!

Innovation by a Team

This award recognizes the combined cooperative efforts of a team to develop and/or deliver an innovative response to student needs. This category had two impressive nominations. The DOSA Committee felt that both submissions should be recognized for their achievement.

So, in no particular order, the staff at the Bill and Lucille Magers Family Health and Wellness Center are the first we will recognize.  

On September 14, 2015 SGA passed a Special Referendum for the Health and Wellness Fee. As a result the Magers Staff were required to move from a 16,000 square foot facility into a much smaller 9,000 square foot residence floor for 18 months.  The nominator stated “During this time, every single square inch mattered and we even had to create new uses for space, such as the infamous ‘vital signs rooms’ (bathrooms).” From the time the referendum was passed by student vote and through two moves, involving night-time and weekend work, the Magers staff settled into their brand new, state of the art, 39,000 square foot, $13,000,000 facility on March 2018.

Through all of the challenges, the Magers staff met needs with grace and cheerful, high quality, patient services.  Congratulations Dr. Muegge (seen in photo) and Magers Family Health and Wellness Team.

The other recipient in this category is the Automated Work Study Wait List.  In the past, it was not uncommon to have 25-50 potential work-study students waiting in the Student Employment hallway to sign up for wait list when the office opened at 8 a.m.  Some students were waiting as early as 6:30 am.

This process created extra stress for students as they were getting acclimated to campus. 

Through a brainstorming retreat of the student employment team, it was determined that an automated work study wait list would have many benefits.

Vicki Mattocks, Director of Financial Aid noted “The effort put into this initiative by the staff involved has resulted in several benefits to our students. 

  1. Students are receiving Work-study awards earlier.
  2. Students are able to avoid long lines at the beginning of a semester.
  3. Early awarding allows students access to jobs on campus, providing them opportunities to develop skills and establish references for future endeavors.”

Congratulations to Cheryl Combs (seen in photo) and her team!

Outstanding New Program or Initiative Award

This award recognizes a new program to meet specific outcome(s) in accordance with our Public Affairs Mission. 

This year’s winning initiative is “Impact Summit: College Student Mental Health Conference”. A summit this large took a village, spearheaded by Dr. Thomas Lane (seen in photo) and additional team members of the MSU Staff as well as community partners. 

The impact summit was the brainchild of individuals who identified a definite need on campus. Dr. Lane stated in the nomination “As Missouri State University’s Dean of Students, I have directly witnessed the impact one’s mental health can have on a college student’s success. Nationally the statistics surrounding college student mental health warrant attention and action. …”

“The Impact Summit received over $19,000 in sponsorships that included support from the Missouri Mental Health Foundation, Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Chartwells, Burrell Behavioral Health, Ozarks Technical College, Partners in Prevention, among others. Additionally, the advisory board was elated when NASPA IV-W selected the Impact Summit as its 2018 spring critical conversation and offered much appreciated financial support.”

 “After several months of planning, Missouri State University hosted the “Impact Summit on College Student Mental Health” on May 2nd, 2018 and had 234 attendees.

Missouri State University intends to build upon the success of the Summit by annually offering the event and has set the next Summit for May 1, 2019.”  Congratulations Dr. Lane and team!

Student Affairs Bridge Builder

This award is given by the Bridge Building committee to someone who has demonstrated support for the division of SA through collaboration in the development of programs or services.

This year’s recipient is Brian Edmond. Brian (seen in photo) is the Coordinator of Management Information Systems in Computer Services. His nominator shared “Brian is a “can do” person with a strong service orientation.  He wants to help us…and the University…be the best that we can be”  and the nomination goes on to say “Brian also instills the same type of attitude and commitment from his staff.  Because of his leadership, we truly feel like they are “part of our team” and share our commitment to being champions for student success.”  Congratulations and Thank you, Brian!

Outstanding Advocate for Social Justice and Inclusion Award

This award is given to the staff member who actively seeks opportunities to increase knowledge of social justice and inclusion. Someone who incorporates this knowledge into their practice, brings awareness and/or takes action to remove barriers to social justice and inclusion within and/or outside of MSU.

The recipient of the award is Angie Strider. In the nomination, it was stated:  “I have had the opportunity to work with Angie Strider (seen in photo) on a number of topics relevant to issues of inclusion and social justice. I have always found her to be well prepared and engaged in a way that benefits students in these areas. Angie’s efforts within Residence Life have been greatly appreciated, and a benefit to students in many areas, including the area of inclusion and social justice.” Congrations Angie Strider!

Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award

This award recognizes a graduate assistant who has completed at least one semester of graduate work and demonstrated superior job performance.

This year’s winning nominee is Chiara Citterio, from the Counseling Center. Justin Johns shared “Chiara (seen in photo) has been an extremely positive addition to our clinical team, and a stand out counselor to the students. Her positive attitude, willingness to help, and excellent job performance make not only her work outstanding, but also an integral part in what we do at the Counseling Center”. Congratulations Chiara!

Outstanding New Staff Member Award

This award is presented to an exempt or non-exempt staff member employed within the Division of Student Affairs for less than three years who has demonstrated superior job performance.

This year’s winner is Courtney Brewer, Freddy Hall Director. 

Her nominator states:  “Courtney (seen in photo) is an exceptional Hall Director and an exceptional individual. She is truly a leader within our Department, and has become a trusted confidant for many of the staff members and students with whom she works. She is adept at managing the day-to-day tasks of her role, and she excels at managing the unexpected interruptions that steal her time, all without losing her charm and wit”. Congratulations Courtney!

Outstanding Part-time Staff Member Award

This award recognizes the many contributions provided by a part-time member of the SA team. 

This year’s winning nominee Mary K Frey, in Campus Recreation.  The nominator stated, “Mary K (seen in photo)demonstrates superior job performance in her part-time employment in the Foster Recreation Center, department of Campus Recreation. She demonstrates pride in her work and always displays a positive attitude toward her duties and the people she interacts with. Mary K, is committed to Student Affairs and to Missouri State University”. Congratulations Mary K.

Outstanding Non-Exempt Staff Member Award

This award recognizes a non-exempt staff member employed within the Division of Student Affairs for three or more years who has demonstrated superior job performance above and beyond expectations. 

This year’s winning nominee is Vicki Elders an Administrative Specialist III in the Career Center. Her nominator wrote “Vicki (seen in photo) is one of the most dedicated and team-oriented individuals that I have had the opportunity to work with. If you ask anyone in the Career Center, I think a common term that would be used to describe Vicki is reliable. She demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the work we do in the office, which is evident not only in her performance, but in her interactions with the constituents that our office serves. She has a true passion for helping others and performs at a level that further advances the mission and goals of our office”. Thank you Vicki! 

Outstanding Exempt Staff Member Award

This award recognizes an exempt staff member employed within the Division of Student Affairs for three or more years who has demonstrated superior job performance above and beyond expectations. 

This year’s winning nominee is Shannon Holt. Shannon (seen in photo) is the Assistant Registrar for Records & Registration in the Office of the Registrar.  One of her nominators wrote, “Shannon is an integral part of our office structure and lends leadership, experience, and technical knowledge on a daily basis. She’s never too busy to stop and help a co-worker, or to answer the phone or greet a student at the front desk. She never complains and always advocates for what is best for students, even if that makes her job a little tougher or more time consuming. She always has a smile on her face and no matter how busy or stressful the office may get, she maintains a calm, positive demeanor”. Congratulations Shannon!

Friend of Student Affairs Award

This award goes to David Hall a community partner whose work supports our vision of being champions for Student Success. David’s commitment to our students and to other university departments is exemplary. On numerous occasions, David has provided learning opportunities that are essential and engaging. In particular, he was a vital piece in helping Campus Recreation implement a new risk management initiative. He was able to use his relationships with the Springfield Police and Fire Dept., Mercy EMS, and the 911 Dispatch to create, learning scenarios in which students would work directly with professionals in the field. In addition, David has been an active member of the Safety Matters committee and has provided great support in assisting SA staff in managing student safety risks such as providing guidance on revision to the expressive activity policy and taking time with FSL chapters regarding safety topics. Thank you David! We appreciate you!