Alcohol Issues


Alcoholism is an issue that, unfortunately, is commonly found in a university community, and is an issue that you may see consequences of in a classroom or advising setting. Below is a summary of some of the resources available to you should this issue present itself with a student you teach or advise.

For students seeking assistance

Counseling Center
Health and Wellness Center 304

One of the many areas that the Counseling Center serves is students with alcohol and other drug-related issues. The Counseling Center has a website dedicated specifically to this topic including information about how referrals work.

“Bears In Recovery” - Collegiate Recovery Program
Meetings in Scholars House Basement

This program is dedicated to assisting students living in or contemplating alcohol or other substance abuse recovery. There is a designated lounge available to students participating in this program.

Additional Resources

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)
Dean of Students Office
Plaster Student Union 405

The purpose of BIT is to be a resource to members of the University community who have a concern about a student's behavior and need the opportunity to consult with professionals who deal with behavioral issues on a more frequent basis.

Facts for Faculty Pamphlet

BIT Incident Reporting Form