Exploratory or Undeclared Majors

Exploratory or Undeclared Students

Are you working with a student who is unsure of their career direction or is uncertain about the major they wish to pursue? There are a variety of resources available to assist these students.

Academic Advising and Transfer Center (AAC)
University Hall 109

Exploratory or undeclared students are the primary population served by the Academic Advising and Transfer Center. The AAC has a specific undeclared/exploratory student website with additional information for these students.

Career Center
Carrington Hall 309 or Glass Hall 276 (for business majors)

The Career Center offers career counseling, assessments, career development courses, job shadowing, and research to assist students in selecting a major.

Other factors to consider

  • Once an undergraduate exploratory student has completed 75 credits, the student will have a DG hold (75-89 credits) or DX hold (90+ credits) placed on their record to prevent future registration. This is not intended as a punitive action. Rather, this is to encourage the student to select a major so the student can stay on track toward completion of a degree. For more information about this, a student can visit the Degree Program section of the undergraduate catalog.
  • Students receiving federal financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Students who have accumulated a lot of credit hours but have still not declared a major (or who have changed majors multiple times) should be mindful of the impact this can have on their SAP status. For further detail, students can visit Financial Aid’s Satisfactory Academic Progress website.