Fraternity/Sorority Issues

Basic information about working with fraternity and sorority students

You may encounter students who are in a fraternity or sorority in your classroom and have questions about their experiences or activities.

Office of student engagement

Fraternities and sororities are considered student organizations and must be registered through the Office of Student Engagement (OSE). The OSE has two staff members devoted to the advisement of not only the individual fraternities and sororities, but also the governing and programming organizations. If you have any issues, concerns, or questions, calling the OSE is the best bet.


Throughout the course of the year you may hear fraternities and sororities participating in recruitment. The majority of this recruitment is done in the fall within the first two week of classes beginning.

For sororities, they will have a week-long recruitment period where women attend recruitment events hosted by the sororities. Students should not miss class to attend recruitment activities.

For fraternities, they will have events throughout the course of a couple of weeks at varying locations. Students should not miss class to attend recruitment activities.

In the spring semester, if there is still room in the organization’s membership, fraternities and sororities may do an informal recruitment.

Scholarship requirements

Fraternities and sororities have a grade point average (GPA) minimum for each individual to join and maintain their membership. Each organization will also have a scholarship plan to assist in achieving and maintaining their GPA during their membership. Some organizations may utilize the Bear CLAW or have different people volunteering as tutors to assist with scholarship.


Not all of the fraternities and sororities have houses. For those organizations who do have houses, there is typically a housing requirement by the national organization. The rules of the house are also dependent on the national organization as well as the fees to live in the housing structure. Typically, the sororities have some kind of staff member who is living in the house who runs the day-to-day activities. This is not as apparent with the fraternities.


Homecoming is held in the fall semester, and it is a time where alumni come back to the University. Fraternities and sororities like participating in the activities during the week and enjoy riding in the parade. They will typically have a tailgate for their alumni members who return.

Greek Week

Greek Week is held in the spring semester, and it is a week-long celebration of being in a fraternity or sorority. Events take place throughout the week and include but are not limited to: opening ceremonies, banquets, educational speakers, Greek God and Goddess pageant, and Greek Jam. Students should not miss class to attend any of these events.

Faculty/staff advisors

Each fraternity and sorority is required to have a faculty or staff member from the University serve in an advisory role. The level of involvement of the faculty/staff advisor is at the mutual agreement of the employee and the organization; however, there are certain expectations the OSE has of the advisor.

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