Students may share with a faculty/staff member feelings of homesickness, feeling out of place in the environment, or concerns of similar sentiment.  Take time to listen to students expressing these feelings; most of the time, they need someone to talk to and ask about family, pets, siblings, friends, etc.  Invite the student to an upcoming event or student organization meeting.  Create ways for the student to meet other students with whom they may have something in common.  Many times the feelings of homesickness come from a lack of connection (personal or academic) to MSU.  Find and encourage ways for the student to get connected with people and organizations at MSU.

There are a number of resources available for students expressing feelings of homesickness or feeling out of place in the environment, and Counseling Center staff are available to meet with students during typical business hours (Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm).

Counseling Center
Magers Health and Wellness Center 304

A counselor is available to meet with students in distress.  After an initial intake, a counselor will get them scheduled to meet with a counselor before leaving the Counseling Center.

If the student is a resident of the residence hall system, encourage the student to speak with their Resident Assistant (RA) or Hall Director about their feelings.  Residence life staff are accustomed to assisting students in this scenario and can typically get the student connected with resources, people, or make deeper connections to help the student feel more secure at MSU.

Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services Contact Numbers

  • 417-836-5536 (main housing office if you are unaware of what building the student resides)
  •  417-836-5196 (Blair-Shannon House)
  • 417-836-5189 (Freudenberger/Freddy House)
  • 417-836-4907 (Hammons House)
  • 417-836-8484 (Hutchens House)
  • 417-836-4818 (Kentwood Hall)
  • 417-836-8228 (Monroe Apartments)
  • 417-836-8787 (Scholars House)
  • 417-836-5410 (Sunvilla Apartments)
  • 417-836-5193 (Wells House)
  • 417-836-5338 (Woods House)



Number of other resources to encourage the student to check out or consider