International Students

International students are an important part of the Missouri State University community. When working with international students, it is important to be aware of some basic guidelines these students must follow that are different from their fellow students.

  • Full-time enrollment for international students is legally required: 12 hours for undergraduate students or 9 hours for graduate students.
  • International students’ employment is limited to only 20 hours per week (except for official school holidays) and limited to on-campus employers. International students can work off campus with some exceptions. See F-1 Employment and J-1 Employment visa options.
  • Non-traditional classes will only count toward three (3) of their required enrollment hours per semester. (Non-traditional courses are online courses with an INET code). All other instructional methods such as blended, iCourses, and those with interactive video do not fall under this non-traditional category.

There are a variety of immigration documents and forms that international students must complete in order to maintain eligibility to be in the United States. International Services assists students with this process and details about this process can be found on their Immigration website.

International Services provides an extensive website related to the various needs of current, admitted, and future international students.

International Services
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