Internships and Education Abroad

Internships or education abroad – semester away from campus

Some students may decide to take a semester off and pursue an internship in another location (US or outside of the country). While the student is away, they may take classes or decide not to take any classes at all. They can do so (for one semester) without losing their full-time student status, but certain steps need to be taken if a student is planning to not take any classes while away for an internship.

If the student decides to take the semester off to complete an internship, contact the Career Center so it can be tracked (by placing a GEN 099 tracking course on your record). The student will not lose their full-time student status. This process can eliminate any confusion during this transition.

Complete the Student Learning Plan paperwork and return to Career Center in CARR 309

Career Center Office
Carrington Hall 309

Other departments you may need to contact:

Financial Aid Office
Carrington Hall 101

If student currently receives Financial Aid and/or Scholarship money. They need to put those on ‘hold’ while the student is away from school.

Residence Life, Housing and Dining Service
Hammons House 104

If living in the residence halls, you need to communicate with Residence Life staff about your plans to be on semester leave.

Note: If the student is participating in the Education Abroad program for a semester, the Office of Education Abroad should be their primary contact.

Office of Education Abroad
Plaster Student Union 209

If students decide to take classes while they are participating in Education Abroad, they will want to get their courses pre-approved to ensure they transfer back to Missouri State University.

To verify if the student is eligible to participate in an internship or practicum experience, they will need to meet these criteria:

  • Register their program and travel plans with the Office of Education Abroad.
  • Complete required materials within Education Abroad application portal.
  • Carry university-approved international health insurance, as defined by Op5.20. This insurance includes emergency medical, political and natural disaster evacuation, and repatriation of remains. The Office of Education Abroad will assist the student with enrolling in the health insurance program prior to their intended departure date. The cost of the insurance is $41.25 per month or $10.70 per week of travel. This cost will be deferred to the students' university account.
  • Students must register their travel itinerary with the U.S. State Department. Each student is responsible to register this itinerary.
  • If a student is accompanying a faculty member, they must fill out and submit a short health information form to the faculty member. This is FERPA- and HIPAA-protected information, and these forms will be secured by the faculty member and shredded upon return to the United States. Submit this form directly to the faculty member, not the Office of Education Abroad.