Planning and Assessment Team

Current Team Members

Chairperson- Dr. Thomas Lane (

Committee Members- Tara Benson, Dave Muegge, Rob Hornberger, Galen Martin, Denise Baumann, Rob Moore and Kelly Rapp.

The Student Affairs Planning and Assessment Team helps to oversee and coordinate assessment activities within departments, committees, and the division. Members serve as consultants for division staff members on assessment planning; coordinate and/or conduct assessments of importance to the campus; and assist in interpreting and sharing results/data with staff and other campus constituents. The Planning and Assessment Team will shepherd the strategic process for Student Affairs and will ensure that we have a comprehensive, on-going assessment plan and departmental review process.

Assessment Forms 

2017-18 Student Affairs Learning Outcome Assessment Report Template- Self Awareness, Wellness

Student Affairs Learning Goals 

Student Affaris Infographic

Campus Labs (Baseline) Resources

Baseline Login Page (contact Dr. Thomas Lane if you need access)

Baseline Support Site

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How to Request a Survey in Baseline

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Assessment Best Practices Webinars

Assessment Calendar

When you choose to conduct a survey the date your choose can be as important as the questions being asked. To help ensure Missouri State University Student Affairs staff have the greatest chance of getting the most viable information from their survey and in an effort to reduce survey fatigue for our students, the Planning and Assessment Team has developed a calendar of Student Affairs departmental surveys intended to reach 500 or more students.
Current and future semester calendars are updated on an on-going basis as information about and participation in various surveys are determined.
To add your survey to the Planning and Assessment Team Calendar, please complete this Microsoft Office 365 form: