Roommate Issues

Residence hall/on-campus apartment roommate issues

A residence hall student may express a concern or conflict with a current roommate. Sometimes these conflicts may seem relatively benign, sometimes incredibly serious. The following is an outline of how to best assist a student who has expresses concerns about a roommate conflict.

Step #1: Communication options (need to pick one, we highly encourage interaction to address the conflict with the roommate as the number one choice):

  • Encourage the student to talk to the roommate, through face-to-face communication.
  • Encourage the student to talk to the Resident Assistant on the floor.
  • Encourage the student to talk to the Assistant Hall Director or Hall Director. (The Assistant Hall Director is a graduate student; Hall Director is a full-time, master’s-level professional)

Step #2: Roommate Agreements and Realistic Expectations – This is a process the residence hall staff can assist the student in developing. This agreement is drafted with both students present, in a mediated space with ground rules. Residence Life staff will encourage both students to evaluate their expectations and find expectations which are reasonable for all members of the room. It is important for students to use their voice, to advocate for what is needed, and be willing to be flexible.

Step #3: Time – Time and open communication are the keys to a successful roommate relationship. Students need to give of their time, be flexible in their expectations, and openly communicate if the issues addressed continue to occur. If the student continues to do these things, the roommate experience should be far more pleasant. If not, the last step is to request a room change.

Step #4: Request a room change – A student can typically request a room change via the online room change request system found in the Housing Channel of the My Missouri State Profile tab. If the room change process is not open, students must contact their Hall Director to request a room change.

Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services Contact Numbers

  • Main housing office: 417-836-5536 (if you are unaware of the building in which the student resides)
  • Blair-Shannon House: 417-836-5196
  • Freudenberger (Freddy) House: 417-836-5189
  • Hammons House: 417-836-4907
  • Hutchens House: 417-836-8484
  • Kentwood Hall: 417-836-4818
  • Monroe Apartments: 417-836-8228
  • Scholars House: 417-836-8787
  • Sunvilla Apartments: 417-836-5410
  • Wells House: 417-836-5193
  • Woods House: 417-836-5338

Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services email:

Off-campus roommate issues

Encourage the student to explore resources available at the university's Center for Dispute Resolution.

Center for Dispute Resolution
Park Central Office Building 117