Withdrawing from Classes

Withdrawing From Classes

Students often drop one or all of their classes during the semester. There may be some implications for students who drop too many classes (e.g., financial aid and housing) so it is important that students contact those offices before making a final decision.

Dropping a class – Information from the Office of the Registrar https://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/catalog/add-dropprocedures.htm      

If students drop below full-time status, financial aid can be affected. Dropping a class can reduce a student’s Pell Grant and could also impact a future loan level. Loan recipients who drop below half time will start using their loan grace period. Dropping a class can also create satisfactory academic progress problems, and the students may not be eligible for any future financial aid assistance.


If students drop below seven credit hours, they cannot continue to live in University housing. Please contact Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services for more assistance.

Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services Business Office
Hammons House 104

Dropping all classes

If students drop all of their classes, there are a number of offices that may need to be contacted.

Students may need to contact the following offices:

BearPass Card

BearPass Card Office
Plaster Student Union 128

Students who have a debit balance must complete a withdrawal form.

Financial Aid

Office of Student Financial Aid
Carrington Hall 101

Students must receive approval before completing the drop process.  Some students may need to participate in an exit interview. 

Meal Plans (Off-campus houing) 

Dining Services Offices
Blair-Shannon 114

Students who live off campus need to visit the Dining Services Office regarding their refund policy. 

Meal Plans (On-campus housing)

Students who live on campus will have their meal plan cancelled when they cancel their housing contract. See the Residence Halls section below.

Parking Permits

Parking Administration Office
700 East Elm

Parking permits must be returned to the Parking Administration Office if students wish to receive a refund of the parking permit fee. 


Financial Services
Carrington Hall 113

Student refunds will be sent to student’s permanent address 4-6 weeks after withdrawing from school if direct deposit is not set up by the student.  If students have outstanding financial obligations, students cannot obtain a transcript until the obligation is satisfied. 

Residence Halls

Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services Business Office
Hammons House 104

Students who live in the residence halls must terminate their housing contract and vacate their room or apartment within 48 hours of withdrawing from school.  Termination of the housing contract also results in cancellation of the student’s meal plan. 


Veteran Student Services
Meyer Library 108

Recipients of veterans benefits must report dropped classes.