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Departmental review process

The Division of Student Affairs at Missouri State University is committed to a comprehensive program review and evaluation process as part of a larger emphasis on Division-wide planning and assessment. Program review gives an opportunity for departments to thoroughly assess programs and services in the context of nationally accepted guidelines, standards, and benchmarks. The departmental program review process will consist of several distinct and important steps which are detailed below. Those steps include the departmental self-assessment, the internal review, the external review, and preparation of an action plan based on the results of the review. Departments will complete the review process as follows: The departmental self-assessment process in summer semester, the internal review in the fall semester, the external review in the spring semester, and development and submission of the Final Action Plan in the following summer. Every Student Affairs department will complete a program review once during a five year cycle. Training will be provided annually to the departments assigned to a program review in that year. All final departmental action plans and external review reports will be submitted to the Vice President Executive Staff (VP Staff).

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