2011-12 Citizen Scholar Award Recipients

Living the public affairs mission

The six students selected for the 2011-12 Citizen Scholar Award were chosen based on their dedication to the public affairs mission of the university through coursework, activities and service-learning opportunities.

The 2011 Citizen Scholars

Rebekah Allen

A junior dietetics major from Summersville, Mo., Rebekah was nominated by Alexandra Graham, who said of Rebekah’s work ethic: “I once heard her say this country was founded on the idea that hard work, keeping out of trouble, and using the resources available improves everyone’s life. She really believes the individual can make the best of any situation, and she embodies that spirit.”

Alison Bos

Alison, a senior agricultural communications major from Billings, Mo., was nominated by Dr. Gary Webb, a professor of animal science. He believes that students like Alison are the future of the agriculture industry: “If American agriculture is able to continue to provide safe nutritious food to the citizens of the United States and the world, it will need future members with the leadership skills, work ethic and commitment that Alison Bos has demonstrated that she possesses.”

Rachel Greatwood

A senior pre-med student majoring in dietetics, Rachel’s experiences providing healthcare abroad have inspired her to pursue a career with Doctors Without Borders, providing healthcare in war-torn and unstable regions. Rachel, a Kansas City native, was nominated by Hillary Mayes, an instructor and pre-health advisor, who wrote, “Being able to truly understand the global impact of one individual’s efforts, regardless of how large or small, on improving the lives of others is Rachel’s most significant accomplishment.”

Lindsay Kittrell

Lindsay, a senior nursing major from Republic, Mo., plans to serve the Springfield community as a nurse after graduation. Nominator Dr. Kathryn Hope wrote, “As the department head in nursing for over 13 years, I see many students who are outstanding. However, Lindsay truly exemplifies the Citizen Scholar, and the University’s public affairs mission in action.”

Deanne Vassalli

A senior marketing major from Fenton, Mo., Deanne was nominated by Dr. Ron Coulter, interim head of the marketing department. He described Deanne in his nomination letter: “She is an outstanding student who is driven, accomplishes her goals and helps others achieve their goals, and she wants to make the world a better place.”

Samantha Warner

Samantha is a senior from Archie, Mo., majoring in agricultural communications. She was nominated by Dr. Anson Elliott, director of the Darr School of Agriculture, who wrote, “Being blessed to work with thousands of students during my career, I place Samantha in that very special elite group who has the talents and desire to make a special difference.”